About Us

PT GAMMA ENERGI PRATAMA is a leading engineering service, supplying product and training provider. We focus on providing technical support and field services including vibration analysis and laser alignment

Our products are; Valve, Level – pressure – temperature gauge/transmitter, vibration sensor & accessories and flow meter & water meter.

Many brands of product that we market are CTC, Krohne, Mdalshop, etc.

We also do engineering services such as flow meter calibration, repair and installation, calibration of vibration and power quality analyzer, vibration analysis & condition monitoring, laser alignment service and infrared thermography service. Our engineers are highly qualified, certified, and supported technically by experts from renowned technology leaders.

PT GAMMA ENERGI PRATAMA is also recognized as national training provider in engineering topics. We provide training and workshop in vibration analysis and condition monitoring, electric, instrument & control, mechanical & piping and HVAC. Our trainers have extensive industry experience and practitioners in each field of competencies.

Our customers span different industries including but not limited to:

  • Onshore and offshore Oil & Gas plants and related industries
  • Power Generation & Water stations
  • Aluminum, steel, pulp & paper, and cement
  • Commercial buildings like hotels, malls, hospitals, airports, and warehouses.
  • Food processing and FMCG Storage and Manufacturing Facilities
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