Bore Alignment Service

Bore alignment is an important step during engine machining or the installation rotor after balancing or other rotor services. This step will establish a perfectly straight bore in the crankcase and cylinder block as standard tolerance. Bore alignment and measurement are vital jobs for any maintenance machine.


Alignment of the main bores is an important role because its position establishes the centerline for the crankshaft, and how the crank aligns with the cylinder heads, decks, and camshafts. If the bores are not aligned properly, the main bearings can usually be machined or honed to restore alignment and size.

Bore Alignment

Bore Alignment

Bore Alignment

Bore Alignment


When referring to cylinder heads, the term line boring refers to the main bearing housin¬gs but it can equally refer to camshaft housin¬gs where the camshaft is located inside the cylinder head. The line boring operation restores both the size and alignment of these hous¬ings so that the rotating components (cams or cranks) turn freely.

With cylinder blocks, one of the most common reasons for needing a line bore is after a crankshaft has failed. A badly worn cranking shaft can “whip” within the main bearing housing distorting them. A seized crankset (due to lack of lubrication or pressure) can result in the chainrings locking into place on the crankset resulting in them being forcibly turned by the chainring teeth which causes distortion and wear.

Similarly, if a seizure occurs inside the camshaft housing where the cam bushes are located, they could be damaged or even rotate within the block itself, causing serious damage. This could result in damage to the housing which would require the housers to be bored oversized, removing the damage and realigning them. Corresponding oversized bushes will be needed to completely repair the damage.
In high-performance vehicles, strength in the cranking shaft area can be improved by installing steel main bearing caps. These will be provided in a semi-finished state and may require some line boring to ensure perfect final alignment before installation.

All or any of the above could mean that your casting needs to be line bored.

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Jasa Pengukuran Tan Delta

Setiap peralatan listrik yang beroperasi pastilah mengalami stres terhadap faktor tegangan operasi, vibrasi, temperatur, kotoran dan lain sebagainya. Semua faktor tersebut akan menyebabkan penurunan ketahanan isolasi peralatan listrik secara terus menerus. Untuk mengetahui kondisi ketahanan isolasi tersebut perlu dilakukan jasa pengukuran tan delta

Dalam sebuah jaringan sistim tenaga listrik yang komplek, penurunan atau penuaan tahanan isolasi peralatan listrik merupakan suatu masalah serius yang dapat menimbulkan kerugian yang besar seperti kerusakan transformator, meledaknya Circuit Breaker dll.
Untuk menghindari breakdown peralatan yang tidak terduga dan kestabilan distribusi power sangatlah penting untuk mengetahui kondisi isolasi peraltan tersebut dan memonitor secra berkala untuk mendapatkan degradasi ketahanan isolasi.

Dalam sistim kelistrikan, Disipasi Fakor atau Pengukuran Tan Delta bertujuan untuk mengetahui kualitas isolasi suatu peralatan listrik. Oleh karena itu, suatu peralatan listrik yang baru perlu diketahui hasil uji tangen delta-nya yang nantinya berguna sebagai referensi untuk pengukuran tangen delta berikutnya yang dilakukan secara berkala, sehingga didapat grafik degradasi tahanan isolasi peralatan tersbut. Grafik hasil uji tanden delta tersebut akan memperlihatkan efek penuaan tahahanan isolasi suatu peralatan  mulai dari awal pembuatan sampai selama pengoperasian. Dengan data ini, dapat ditentukan kapan dilakukan pemeliharaan, penggantian peralatan tersebut secara terencana, sehingga kerusakan secara tidak terduga dapat ditekan. Hal inipun menjamin keamanan dan kestabilan supplay listrik.

Dengan kebutuhan tersebut di atas, kami memberikan jasa pengukuran tan delta baik peralatan berdasa kecil atau generator dengan daya 45 MW ke atas.

Pada pengukuran Tan Delta tersebut, kami mengguakan Omicron CPC 100 TD dan juga menggunakan Megger Delta 4000 series.

Pengkuran Tan Delta menggunakan Omicron CPC 100 TD


Balancing Service

Balancing Service is a procedure to check and adjust rotor mass distribution to ensure the vibration level or bearing force at frequency that matches the speed within the specified limit.

Unbalance is defined as the imbalance of the distribution of mass towards the centerline of rotor. This imbalance will cause the bearings to accept additional centrifugal force that will impact the lifetime of bearing and catastrophic damage of equipment

Balancing Service


Empirically more than 50% of failures of rotating equipment are directly related to misalignment and unbalance due to higher vibration level which significantly reduces the wear life of the bearings, seals, shafts, and joints. Therefore, Precision Balancing can reduce vibration and operational costs and at the end availability and reliability of equipment will be improved

PT GAMMA ENERGI PRATAMA is able to provide on-site balancing service for many machines and applications in the Industry. We do field balancing by using a well-known brand of balancing machine or using portable balancing equipment and making in-situ corrections to the rotor. We can balance machines includes; turbine, generator, pump, motor, etc.

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Static Balance
A state of balance existing in a rotating body when there is the coincidence between its center of mass and its axis of rotation so that the body is in neutral equilibrium under the action of standing forces.

Dynamic Balance
A state of balance of a rotating body wherein its weight (mass) is so distributed about the axis of rotation that there will be no tendency to displace the axis of rotation when running.

In-Place, Two-Plane Balancing

Cross effect must be taken into consideration when balancing in two planes. In the past, it has been very difficult to perform a precision two-plane balance in the field. Overhung rotors are the most difficult. With our vast experience and the technology of our vibration software and hardware, in-place two-plane balancing has become routine.

Field Balancing

Blowers or fans (unlike electric motors, pumps or compressors) often run smoothly only for a limited period of time or in a specific operating condition. Unbalances may occur during operation, causing costly damage to machines, foundations or buildings. However, in most conditions, dismantling the part for balancing is not a suitable option, because of high cost.

In such cases, field balancing is the best solution and PT GAMMA ENERGI PRATAMA provide Field Balancing of industrial rotating equipment. Precision Field Balancing minimizes vibration and its effect on bearings, shafts and seals. Precision balancing reduces maintenance costs and increases the life of rotating equipment. Our ability to perform precision balancing in the field saves our clients the downtime, labor and cost of removing the rotor and shipping it to a balancing shop.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography can identify hot spots caused by defects in joints and components. infrared thermography (Jasa inspeksi thermography) is used to find excess heat in certain areas or components so that failure/damage to components can be avoided and creates insecurity when operating equipment or machinery and causes loss of productivity. Infrared thermography is the best diagnostic method for finding hot spots in the early stages of degeneration.

As a mechanical and electrical component, it certainly has the potential to become worn or damaged. By doing a Thermography the conditions in which the component or material experiencing signs of damage such as cracks, holes and others can be directly detected
Infrared Thermography can also find leaks in pipes or connections used in the industrial world. If infrared testing is carried out regularly, industry players can analyze the risk of errors that can occur. This condition is certainly very important for management to maximize production and give benefits to investors.

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We provide Infrared Thermography Investigation services to investigate whether there is damage to a machine / plant from data retrieval to making useful investigative reports as a basis for the implementation of Overhaul.

We can tailor our thermography services (Jasa inspeksi thermography) to best suit your business and its needs and conduct:

  • Electrical thermography inspections on all your business’ electrical systems, equipment, and installations
  • Mechanical thermography inspections on all your rotating machinery and equipment to detect any faults, including bearing failures
  • Building thermography inspections to detect moisture within the walls and any pipeline blockages within your building

After completing inspections, our thermography team will:

  • Provide you a complete temperature map or thermal imaging of the total electrical installation or rotating machinery, identifying existing and developing problems
  • Provide professional advice and recommendations tailored preventative solutions for a range of electrical or machinery problems
  • Provide clear and concise reports on potential hazards

To get comprehensive analysis, this service (Jasa inspeksi thermography) usually combined with vibration analysis/condition monitoring service

Vibration Analysis Service

PT GAMMA ENERGI PRATAMA maintains the highest quality, state-of-the-art equipment and the most skilled vibration analyst to provide the most reliable vibration monitoring and vibration analysis services (jasa analisa vibrasi) in Indonesia.

Beside product like vibration sensor and analyzer, vibration analysis is the number one tool for troubleshooting, predictive maintenance and extending the life of rotating equipment. It is used to identify component failures, misalignments, process and piping load problems and much more in compressors, pumps, cooling towers, gearboxes, electric motors, blowers, and turbines.

In industrial, vibration is used as a healthy indicator of the machine, mostly in rotating equipment. Mechanical vibration has become a major axis to monitor the machine condition that measured by vibration transducer and processed by vibration analyzer with FFT Spectrum or Time Waveform as its result. For having a line on this discussion, vibration analysis is the single solution to express the main problem of the machine. The purpose of vibration analysis is to identify the defects, machine faults, and root cause in order to predictive maintenance program.

We have experiences to perform vibration analysis (jasa analisa vibrasi) and long term contract of condition monitoring either in the geothermal company, Oil & Gas, Steam power plant (PLTU), and petrochemical.

Another inspection by using infrared thermography is one of important technology beside vibration analysis to identify hotspot on equipment and trending its temperature either on mechanical equipment such as motor and misalignment condition or electrical condition such as panel, cable joint, etc.

Our vibration analysis services can validate machine performance ensuring safe, efficient and reliable operation. A detailed graphical measurement report is supplied with all precision measurement services.

Analyzer Calibration

We are provider multi a-brand calibration services to instrument with different manufacturers especially flow meter calibration (kalibrasi flow meter). We provide standard and cost-effective calibration services to keep your equipment running in top condition.

The instruments we calibrate are: Kalibrasi Flow meter, Vibration Analyzer, Power Quality Analyzer, temperature sensor, pressure  sensor, vibration sensor, etc

Electrical & Instrument Calibration

Quality can be defined as “the degree to which a product or service meets the requirements of the customer”. In order to determine whether product or service meet to customer requirement, electrical and instrument equipment such as gas analyzer, laser alignment, vibration analyzer etc, must be reliable. To ensure the reliability of measurement tools, they must be calibrated comply to many quality systems as the ISO/IEC, ISO, KAN, require that instruments and electrical must be regularly calibrated, in other words has to be included in a calibration system.

Some of instrument we can calibrate are NOVA-GAS model 380K series Hydrogen Gas Analyzer, Vibexpert and Vibscanner of Pruftechnik, Laser alignment Rotalign & Optalign, Breakdown Voltage, Vibration Sensor, Flow Meter, and other electrical/instrument equipment

We also perform other engineering service such as laser alignment service, field balancing and vibration analysis to help customer in maintain their critical equipment

Laser Alignment Service

jasa shaft laser alignment

jasa shaft laser alignment

Precision alignment is critical to the life and reliability of rotating equipment. We are a provider of laser alignment services (jasa shaft laser alignment) for all types of rotating equipment including compressors, pumps, blowers, and motors

Our laser alignment service (jasa shaft laser alignment) like vibration analysis is an important service to support new equipment installation as well as maintenance, upgrades, and turnarounds on existing equipment. Misalignment of shafts and pulleys is the most common cause of machine vibration, causing seal and bearing failure, and leading to increased maintenance and machine downtime. Every rotating piece of equipment requires realignment and field balancing service to minimize high load on bearing and extend maintenance time of equipment.

Our portable Laser alignment service provides customers with a precision approach ensuring valuable site equipment is running at optimum efficiency. True alignment and positioning are achieved for industrial plant and machinery including industrial structures.

  • Shaft Alignment, We offer Laser Shaft Alignment as part of our on-site services to allow precise accurate mating of all types of shafts and coupling faces. Including turbine shafts, pump shafts, drive motor shafts, and…
  • Bore Alignment, A fast and precise mobile service available for Laser Bore Alignment. Suitable for bores on diesel engines, main bearing pockets, and camshaft bores. Also the tail shaft housings and turbine bearing housing…
  • Flatness Alignment, A very accurate Laser alignment on the flatness of any object vertical or horizontal using the latest Laser systems. Flanges, slewing rings, machine bases, machine tools, and weapons mounts, etc.
  • Laser Alignment Training, Training can be provided in all aspects of Laser Alignment equipment usage. This includes Laser shaft alignment and Laser bore & flatness alignment systems.
  • Calibration Certificates, Get your Laser alignment equipment calibrated and updated to the latest software.

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