Helios35+ Induction Bolt Heater​ is a portable induction heating system designed to perform bolting and shrink-fitting operations saving up to 80% of time for traditional methods (such as electrical resistances, open flames, etc.) and operating in total safety 
Available in the 4.0 smart version as well!


For large-size bolts/studs removal and installation on gas turbine casings, steam turbines, and other static vessel applications such as heat exchangers. Suitable for hole sizes starting from Ø 9mm up to more than 32mm, and lengths up to more than 1500mm


Ring-shaped inductors (or customized ones) are also available for our Helios 35+ to perform shrink fitting or disassembly operations on any cylindrical component (such as bushings, flanges, bearings, gears, etc.) up to diameters of Ø 600mm and beyond.

Our induction generator Helios35+ Induction Bolt Heater​​ converts the current coming from the power supply into a strong electromagnetic field; the inductor, once inserted into the bolt hole, will generate heat in the bolt without
getting in direct contact with it. Once the bolt has elongated, it will be possible to easily loosen the nut. The built-in cooling system of the Helios35+ Induction Bolt Heater​ allows to use of the inductors for continuous work shifts. Moreover, as the inductor is internally water-cooled, it’s even possible to touch it with bare hands after the heating process has been completed!
Our straight inductors are designed to heat up the bolt core only, without reaching the threads; indeed, they are manufactured in accordance with custom technical specifications!

Helios 35+ Induction Bolt Heater​

Helios 35+ Induction Bolt Heater​

Moreover, thanks to the power regulation function of Helios 35+, it is possible to control the heat flow rate
achieving a slower or faster heating process according to the specific application.

Such a feature, combined with the temperature sensor option, will allow to manage any kind of shrink fitting for assembly or disassembly purposes, using standard ring-shaped inductors or customized ones


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