Selain jasa servis analisa vibrasi dan condition monitoring, kami memberikan layanan kalibrasi Vibration Analyzer semua brand termasuk kalibrasi Pruftechnik Vibexpert. Dalam pelaksanaan kalibrasi perlatan vibrasi tersebut, kemi melakukannya mengikuti standar nasional dengan laboratorium terakreditasi KAN serta dukungan dari pabrikan.

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Kalibrasi Pruftechnik Vibexpert

Kalibrasi Pruftechnik Vibexpert

The VIBXPERT II from PRUFTECHNIK is the mobile power package for fast and reliable recording and analysis of machine condition data. After a very short measuring time, the current machine status data is shown on the color display. The maintenance expert can analyze the data on site. From the recorded machine condition data, all values can be read from the various characteristic value modes that are important for an exact machine condition analysis. The device is used directly on site at the machine, from the machine hall to the diesel generator of an oil tanker or from a bucket excavator to a hydroelectric turbine. The robust design enables both fast and complex interventions. Whether in clinically clean systems, or harsh industrial environments. VIBXPERT II sets the standard in mobile machine and plant condition monitoring. In addition to reliable, fast, and highly effective data analysis, the VIBXPERT II can also be used for operational balancing. This makes the VIBXPERT II the most powerful and effective device in mobile condition monitoring. VIBXPERT II is compatible with PRUFTECHNIK’s own OMNITREND Center analysis software, enabling highly efficient and precise analysis results. Center analysis software, enabling highly efficient and precise analysis results. Automatic Switchbox The high-reliability solution for routes High-quality data is critical to the success of your reliability-based maintenance program (RbM). However, many factors can significantly impact data quality. Vibration readings of route-based data collection must be measured at exactly the same location every time. Measurements have to be performed quickly in order to save time and even untrained staff may have to collect data. Last but not least, how can you make hard-to-reach measurement locations part of your reliability program without exposing employees to safety hazards during data collection? PRUFTECHNIK’s Automatic Switchbox for VIBXPERT II is exactly the right solution. Compared to a standard switchbox whereby operators still may mix up measurement channels as they have to manually “turn the knob”, the proven Automatic Switchbox solution rules out human errors. PRUFTECHNIK’s unique concept guarantees:

  • Maximum reliability of vibration data
  • Maximum efficiency – never has routine data collection been this short
  • Maximum security for operators
  • Maximum coverage – unlimited cable length with PRUFTECHNIK’s unique sensor concept*
  • Many customers have understood the advantages of Automatic Switchboxes and have taken their reliability program to the next level.
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