Dalam mendukung kebutuhan user dalam melakukan condition monitoring dengan peralatan yang reiable, spesifikasi tinggi serta terkalibrasi, kami menyediakan jasa Rental Vibscanner dengan aksesoris yang lengkap untuk melakukan pengambilan data di lapangan baik pengambilan rutin atau troubleshooting

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kalibrasi Pruftechnik Vibscanner

kalibrasi Pruftechnik Vibscanner

A unique handheld measuring device with which even untrained personnel can easily and effectively measure machine vibration on rotating machinery. Thanks to its forward-looking measuring principle and data acquisition across three axes with the triaxial sensor, all relevant condition information is recorded with the touch of a single button. And at a measurement speed that opens up fully new dimensions. Not only is the VIBSCANNER 2 a breakthrough in terms of measurement speed and precision but also through its robustness and its intuitive operating concept.

The intuitive graphical user interface assists the employee en route in taking repeatable error-free measurements. The device provides him/her with the exact information about the status of the measurement locations and the progress of the route.

Following completion of the measurement route, the data pack containing the results can be downloaded onto the PC and sent to the maintenance specialist by email. This means that the maintenance specialist is always provided with high-quality vibration and machine condition data which he can analyze with the OMNITREND Center software.

The bottom line: High-speed vibration measurement without any loss of data or quality while both the employee on site and the maintenance specialist save a great deal of time.


VIBSCANNER 2 is the high-speed vibration data collector of the next generation.

Depending on the filter settings, it measures overall values, spectra, and time signals synchronously in 3 axes. In combination with a triaxial sensor, VIBSCANNER 2 collects even more machine condition data per measurement location.

  • Added value thanks to additional vibration data without affecting the measurement time
  • Quick data acquisition thanks to synchronous measurement in 3 axes
  • Clear channel assignment without any additional cable adapter

A triaxial sensor measures vibration in 3 perpendicular directions at once, while a single-axis sensor only measures in one direction at a time. Certain conditions such as cocked bearing or a bent shaft can be identified in a single measurement with a triaxial sensor.

The bottom line: In combination with a triaxial sensor, VIBSCANNER 2 delivers even more comprehensive information per measurement location at the push of a button. This creates an overall image of the machine‘s health without affecting the measuring time.

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