Balancing Service

Balancing Service is a procedure to check and adjust rotor mass distribution to ensure the vibration level or bearing force at frequency that matches the speed within the specified limit.

Unbalance is defined as the imbalance of the distribution of mass towards the centerline of rotor. This imbalance will cause the bearings to accept additional centrifugal force that will impact the lifetime of bearing and catastrophic damage of equipment

Balancing Service


Empirically more than 50% of failures of rotating equipment are directly related to misalignment and unbalance due to higher vibration level which significantly reduces the wear life of the bearings, seals, shafts, and joints. Therefore, Precision Balancing can reduce vibration and operational costs and at the end availability and reliability of equipment will be improved

PT GAMMA ENERGI PRATAMA is able to provide on-site balancing service for many machines and applications in the Industry. We do field balancing by using a well-known brand of balancing machine or using portable balancing equipment and making in-situ corrections to the rotor. We can balance machines includes; turbine, generator, pump, motor, etc.

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Static Balance
A state of balance existing in a rotating body when there is the coincidence between its center of mass and its axis of rotation so that the body is in neutral equilibrium under the action of standing forces.

Dynamic Balance
A state of balance of a rotating body wherein its weight (mass) is so distributed about the axis of rotation that there will be no tendency to displace the axis of rotation when running.

In-Place, Two-Plane Balancing

Cross effect must be taken into consideration when balancing in two planes. In the past, it has been very difficult to perform a precision two-plane balance in the field. Overhung rotors are the most difficult. With our vast experience and the technology of our vibration software and hardware, in-place two-plane balancing has become routine.

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