Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography can identify hot spots caused by defects in joints and components. infrared thermography (Jasa inspeksi thermography) is used to find excess heat in certain areas or components so that failure/damage to components can be avoided and creates insecurity when operating equipment or machinery and causes loss of productivity. Infrared thermography is the best diagnostic method for finding hot spots in the early stages of degeneration.

As a mechanical and electrical component, it certainly has the potential to become worn or damaged. By doing a Thermography the conditions in which the component or material experiencing signs of damage such as cracks, holes and others can be directly detected
Infrared Thermography can also find leaks in pipes or connections used in the industrial world. If infrared testing is carried out regularly, industry players can analyze the risk of errors that can occur. This condition is certainly very important for management to maximize production and give benefits to investors.

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We provide Infrared Thermography Investigation services to investigate whether there is damage to a machine / plant from data retrieval to making useful investigative reports as a basis for the implementation of Overhaul.

We can tailor our thermography services (Jasa inspeksi thermography) to best suit your business and its needs and conduct:

  • Electrical thermography inspections on all your business’ electrical systems, equipment, and installations
  • Mechanical thermography inspections on all your rotating machinery and equipment to detect any faults, including bearing failures
  • Building thermography inspections to detect moisture within the walls and any pipeline blockages within your building

After completing inspections, our thermography team will:

  • Provide you a complete temperature map or thermal imaging of the total electrical installation or rotating machinery, identifying existing and developing problems
  • Provide professional advice and recommendations tailored preventative solutions for a range of electrical or machinery problems
  • Provide clear and concise reports on potential hazards

To get comprehensive analysis, this service (Jasa inspeksi thermography) usually combined with vibration analysis/condition monitoring service

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