Laser Alignment Service

jasa shaft laser alignment

jasa shaft laser alignment

Precision alignment is critical to the life and reliability of rotating equipment. We are a provider of laser alignment services (jasa shaft laser alignment) for all types of rotating equipment including compressors, pumps, blowers, and motors

Our laser alignment service (jasa shaft laser alignment) like vibration analysis is an important service to support new equipment installation as well as maintenance, upgrades, and turnarounds on existing equipment. Misalignment of shafts and pulleys is the most common cause of machine vibration, causing seal and bearing failure, and leading to increased maintenance and machine downtime. Every rotating piece of equipment requires realignment and field balancing service to minimize high load on bearing and extend maintenance time of equipment.

Our portable Laser alignment service provides customers with a precision approach ensuring valuable site equipment is running at optimum efficiency. True alignment and positioning are achieved for industrial plant and machinery including industrial structures.

  • Shaft Alignment, We offer Laser Shaft Alignment as part of our on-site services to allow precise accurate mating of all types of shafts and coupling faces. Including turbine shafts, pump shafts, drive motor shafts, and…
  • Bore Alignment, A fast and precise mobile service available for Laser Bore Alignment. Suitable for bores on diesel engines, main bearing pockets, and camshaft bores. Also the tail shaft housings and turbine bearing housing…
  • Flatness Alignment, A very accurate Laser alignment on the flatness of any object vertical or horizontal using the latest Laser systems. Flanges, slewing rings, machine bases, machine tools, and weapons mounts, etc.
  • Laser Alignment Training, Training can be provided in all aspects of Laser Alignment equipment usage. This includes Laser shaft alignment and Laser bore & flatness alignment systems.
  • Calibration Certificates, Get your Laser alignment equipment calibrated and updated to the latest software.

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