To support customer in optimizing their without loosing time for maintenance activity and do not lose any data or settings because the battery is broken, we provide spare part of predictive maintenance equipments such as battery pack CSI 2140 and 2130, cable, and other vibration accessories for Pruftechnick Analyzer, SKF analyzer etc.

Some of spare part we can provide are :

  1. Batteries :
    • Battery pack CSI 2140, CSI 2130, CSI 2120, CSI 2117, CSI Ultraspec
    • Battery SKF CMVA Microlog Analyzer
    • Battery Commtest analyzer 
    • Battery Entek IRD
  2. Cables :
    • Cable for CSI 2140 
    • Cable for CSI 2130
    • CSI Extension Cable
    • Emerson CSI Compatible Cable
    • Phototach 404B cable
  3. Accelerometer :
  4. Adapter
    • CSI Adapters
    • SKF Adapters
    • General Adapters

We also provide analyzer and portable vibration calibrator for rental services :

  1. Vibration Analyzer (CSI 2140, 2130 and VIbexpert) or Vibration Analysis Services
  2. Laser Alignment rental or Laser ALignment Service
  3. Thermography Analyzer rental or Services
  4. 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator
  5. Ultrasonic Flow Meter Rental or Services

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Battery CSI 2140
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