Electrical & Instrument Calibration

Quality can be defined as “the degree to which a product or service meets the requirements of the customer”. In order to determine whether product or service meet to customer requirement, electrical and instrument equipment such as gas analyzer, laser alignment, vibration analyzer etc, must be reliable. To ensure the reliability of measurement tools, they must be calibrated comply to many quality systems as the ISO/IEC, ISO, KAN, require that instruments and electrical must be regularly calibrated, in other words has to be included in a calibration system.

Some of instrument we can calibrate are NOVA-GAS model 380K series Hydrogen Gas Analyzer, Vibexpert and Vibscanner of Pruftechnik, Laser alignment Rotalign & Optalign, Breakdown Voltage, Vibration Sensor, Flow Meter, and other electrical/instrument equipment

We also perform other engineering service such as laser alignment service, field balancing and vibration analysis to help customer in maintain their critical equipment

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