Easy Laser E540

Easy Laser merupakan brand laser alignment yang sangat terkenal dengan peralatan yang presisi. Alat ini sering kami gunakan dalam penyelesaian pekerjaan jasa laser alignment di lapangan.

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Jasa Laser Alignment

Jasa Laser Alignment

The Easy Laser E540 is a reliable and economical high-performance alignment system for rotating machinery. The E540 allows you to easily perform all alignment prerequisites and checks, letting you measure and align in only three simple steps.
TruePSD detectors on the measuring units enable you to measure from up to 10 metres. The measuring units are dust and water proof to class IP65 and the aluminium and stainless steel construction assures accurate measurement and precise alignment in even the most harsh conditions.

The measurement results can be quickly and easily documented in a PDF report, generated directly from the wireless display unit. The data can also be stored in the system’s internal memory or USB stick, or transferred directly to your PC for later analysis with EasyLink software. A thermal printer accessory is also available for quick measurement data printing.

Application :

  • Machine shaft alignments
  • Pump shaft alignments
  • Turbine and compressor train alignments.

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• Simple to use
• Compact measuring units for use on most machine designs
• All wireless units (on board Bluetooth and integrated rechargeable battery)
• 5.7” colour display
• Easy read graphic and text based interface
• TruePSD technology with unlimited resolution
• Dual PSD, dual laser beams and dual inclinometers for superior control and accuracy
• Produce PDF reports directly from the display unit and save to USB memory
• Expandable and adaptable technology

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