Rental Rotalign Ultra

Kami menyediakan jasa Rental Rotalign Ultra untuk membantu kebutuhan customer dalam penyediaan alat laser alignment yang handal untuk meningkatkan kehandalan equipment serta mengurangi resiko kerusakan akibat adanya permasalahan misalignment.

Informasi harga Rental Rotalign Ultra atau Jasa laser alignment silahkan menghubungi kami di atau 0815-1316-6131

ROTALIGN® Ultra is a high-end modular alignment system with a new look and feel. Its stellar performance meets the demands of both professionals and enthusiasts when carrying out alignment jobs.

ROTALIGN® Ultra possesses a new 5.7-inch colour TFT sunlight readable full VGA screen and a faster processor. This powerful combination has led to the development of a new user interface with enhanced graphics. The system integrates a standard communications protocol for wireless connection, increasing flexibility. The shaft and geometric applications running on it are user-friendly and intuitive.

High-performance professional system

High resolution colour display

ROTALIGN® Ultra features a stunning full VGA TFT screen that shows machine and measurement graphics with clarity and high definition.
The displayed measurement data which is acquired through wireless transmission technology or via cable can be read easily in low light environments as well as under sunlight conditions. The large display and the very clear graphics provide a superb depiction of the alignment condition.

Rental Rotalign Ultra

Measurement with continuous sweep and pass mode

Continuous sweep mode – Data is automatically collected as the shaft is rotated from any position in the machine operational direction. Shaft rotation restrictions are overcome as only a turn of 60° is required for results. This mode is quick and captures hundreds of measurement points, hence more accurate than the 3-clock positions measurement method.
Pass mode – The ideal mode for uncoupled shafts in machines with high
rotational inertia. The laser emitter is rotated past the receiver in at least 3
different positions. The internal inclinometer notes the rotation angle each
time the beam passes the receiver.

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