CTC Vibration Sensor & Accessories

With the proper sensors to supply the critical operating information, the machine operates in a safer condition for both the machine as well as the personnel operating the machine. Various machine operating conditions concerning temperature extremes, magnetic fields, vibration range, frequency range, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) conditions and the required signal quality necessitate the need for a variety of vibration sensor and protection system.

We are an authorized distributor of CTC product such as vibration sensor and protection system, cables and more.  We offer every length, fitting and cable type imaginable.  CTC Sensors are also compatible with just about every data collection device on the market such as Emerson, Bentley Nevada, Comtest, SKF, Etc

We provide CTC product are :

As well as supply, we also provide service such calibration of vibration analyzer and sensor and vibration analysis services / condition monitoring.

CTC is committed to offering the most reliable vibration sensor and protection system such as accelerometers, vibration monitoring and machinery protection equipment in the industry. For detail CTC product, you can find in https://www.ctconline.com/

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