Rental Omicron CP TD-1 – Tand Delta /Power factor Test Equipment

Untuk pengetestan Tan Delta Perlatan dan Pengetest-an trafo, kami menyediakan rental Omicron CP TD-1 – Tand Delta /Power factor Test Equipment. Informasi harga dan lead time, silahkan menghubungi atau 081513166131

Product Details

Combined with the Omicron CPC 100 Multi-Functional Primary Test System, the Omicron CP TD1 Capacitance/Dissipation Factor Testing Device (Tan Delta) measures the capacitance and dissipation factor (power factor) with laboratory precision. 

This allows the insulation condition of transformers, generators and other parts of high-voltage systems to be tested according to IEEE 62 (C57.152), IEC 60076-1 and -3, as well as the CIGRE “Guide for Transformer Maintenance”. As recommended in the CIGRE Guide, testing is performed at variable frequencies to better diagnose signs of aging in insulation.

Rental Omicron CP TD-1 - Tan Delta /Power factor Test Equipment
Rental Omicron CP TD-1 – Tan Delta /Power factor Test Equipment

Key features

  • Compact and rugged all-in-one test set
  • Wider frequency range for more sensitivity (15 Hz – 400 Hz)
  • Testing at variable frequencies for better condition diagnosis
  • Excellent suppression of mains frequency interference fields
  • High-voltage source for partial discharge measurements up to 15 kV
  • Portable component and simple to transport using a trolley


  • Power transformers
  • Rotating machines
  • Current transformers
  • Voltage transformers
  • High-voltage (HV) cables
  • Gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) systems

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Rental Omicron CMC 356 – 3 Phase Secondary Injector

Untuk Pengetesan Secondary untuk Peralatan, Relay Protection, power meter check, kami memiliki peralatan yang mampu membantu para electrical engineer/analyst dalam melaksanaakan pekerjaanya. Rental Omicron CMC 356 adalah solusi yang effesian dalam melaksanakan pekerjaan di lapanga.

Product Overview

The Omicron CMC 356 is the universal solution for testing all generations and types of protection relays. Its powerful six current sources (three-phase mode: up to 64 A / 860 VA per channel) with a great dynamic range, make the unit capable of testing even high-burden electromechanical relays with very high power demands.

The Omicron CMC 356 is the first choice for applications requiring the highest versatility, amplitude, and power. Commissioning engineers will particularly appreciate its ability to perform wiring and plausibility checks of current transformers, by using a primary injection of high currents from the test set.

Rental Omicron CMC 356
Rental Omicron CMC 356

The Omicron CMC 356 is the top choice for applications that require
the highest level of versatility, output amplitude, and power.
It has six powerful current sources, with great dynamic
range, making the test set a universal solution for testing
all generations and types of protection relays – from high
burden electromechanical to IEC 61850 compatible relays.
Commissioning engineers will particularly appreciate its
ability to validate the correct wiring of current transformers,
as well as ratio measurements through primary injection of
high currents up to 128 A.

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Rental Easy Laser Alignment

Dalam melakukan perawatan terutama alignment mesin-mesin, diperlukan perlatan yang presisi, canggih serta mudah digunakan. Untuk memenuhi kebutuhan akan peralatan yang sesuai kebutuhan dilapangan, kami menyediakan jasa Rental Easy Laser Alignment.

Rental Easy Laser Alignment

Beberapa hal yang bisa menjadi pertimbangan kenapa memilih Rental Easy Laser Alignment

  • Easy to learn and to use.
  • Compact measuring units for use on most machine designs.
  • All wireless units (Built-in Bluetooth® technology and integrated rechargeable battery).
  • Large 5.7″ color display.
  • Programs with both symbols and text = easy to understand.
  • TruePSD technology with unlimited resolution.
  • Dual PSD, dual laser beams, and dual inclinometers for superior control and accuracy.
  • Produce PDF reports directly from the Display unit and save to USB memory.
  • Fast service and support. 48-hours Express service if necessary.
  • Low overall costs during the entire lifecycle of the product, for example, servicing, accessories, etc.
  • Expandable / Adaptable. A range of accessories means that you can adapt the measurement system to your needs, now and in the future

Laser® E540 is a very powerful shaft alignment system in which the program guides user step-by-step with both icons and text makes the system very easy to use for everyone, regardless of prior knowledge. The E540 system includes measurement programs for horizontal machines, vertical machines, and alignment of machine trains with three machines. The measuring units are pre-mounted for rapid machine set-up. Start with the measuring units positioned anywhere through 360 ° around the shaft, then take any three readings down to 20° in-between. Then adjust the machine with the live values in both horizontal and vertical directions. A PDF report is generated automatically when the measurements are saved. Simple and efficient!.

The shaft alignment system has a large 5.7″, bright color display that clearly shows all the steps of the measurement. The measuring units have TruePSD-technology, which gives unlimited resolution. Twin laser beams, twin PSDs and twin inclinometers give you superb control of the measurement in all situations. The measuring units are incredibly compact featuring Bluetooth® Wireless technology, an integrated rechargeable battery, and large 30 mm TruePSD detectors. This means that they are easy to install on most types of machines, even where there is limited space. The wireless technology gives you full freedom of movement around the machine that is to be aligned. Display units, measuring units and fixtures are all very robust for the highest accuracy in demanding industrial environments.

– Display unit E-series E52
– Measuring unit S
– Measuring unit M
– Shaft bracket with chain
– Chain 900 mm
– Set of rods (4x 60 mm)
– Rod 120 mm
– Strap for Display unit
– Measuring tape 3m
– Cable USB A to B 1,8m
– Battery Charger (100-240 V AC)
– DC Split cable,for charging
– DC to USB adapter, for charging
– Case Plastic Shaft E530

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Rental Omicron CPC 100

Untuk pengukuran tan delta, kami menyediakan Rental Omicron CPC 100 dengan personnel yang berpengalaman. Info kesediaan dan harga bisa menghubungi kami di

The patented CPC 100 primary injection test system replaces several individual testing devices. This reduces the costs for training and transport and cuts down testing time. Therefore, the Omicron CPC 100 is the ideal test set for substation asset commissioning and maintenance. You can operate the CPC 100 via the integrated front panel, or by using the Primary Test ManagerTM (PTM) software on your laptop.

Key Features (Omicron CPC 100)

  • Up to 800 A or 2000 V with up to 5 kVA over a frequency range of 15 Hz – 400 Hz or 400 A DC
  • Excellent interference suppression facilitates measurement of small signals
  • Easy to transport (just 29 kg) – ideal for on-site testing
  • Testing templates automatically generated testing procedures and test reports
  • Up to 2000 A or 12 kV/ 15kV through use of current or voltage amplifiers
Rental Omicron CPC 100

Using the CPC 100, electrical tests on various assets can be performed:
– Current transformers
– Voltage transformers
– Power transformers
– Power lines
– High-voltage (HV) cables
– Grounding systems
– Rotating machines
– GIS systems
– Switchgear and circuit breakers
– IEC 61850 installations
– Protection relays

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Rental Vibration Analyzer CSI2130

Kami memiliki unit Rental vibration analyzer CSI2130 sebagai solusi bagi customer yang membutuhkan peralatan vibrasi yang handal, presisi dan user friendly serta memiliki fitur yang membantu dalam analisa kerusakan mesin. Jika membutuhkan jasa rental vibration analyzer CSI2130, silahkan menghubungi kami di

Rental Vibration Analyzer CSI2130

Maintenance departments today are asked to run with fewer staff and smaller budgets than ever before. In this do-morewith-less environment, maintenance personnel can’t afford to continuously chase the next breakdown. They need to quickly and accurately identify developing faults and find the root cause of the machinery problem so that it can be fixed.  An effective technology solution must be simple to operate – reducing training requirements – while providing fast, actionable information to help you prioritize maintenance activities. Before CSi 2140 released, Emerson’s CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer was developed with these requirements in mind. The CSI 2130 stands alone as the industry-leading vibration data collector. In addition, the CSI 2130 can provide:

  • Advanced vibration analysis
  • Cross-channel analysis
  • Transient analysis
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Laser shaft alignment
  • Motor monitoring

Portable and Durable
The durability of this unit makes it ideal for field work in a
wide variety of industrial applications.

  • Large Color Display: backlit VGA display for use anywhere.
  • Small and Lightweight: easily carried on long routes
  • In-Field Reports: color-coded alarm report for each point.
  • Industrial Design: IP 65 rated with optional safety rating.

So, rental CSI 2130 vibration analyzer is the solution for vibration analysis and condition monitoring. For rental CSi 2140 you can contact our office or send email to

Rental Orbital Welding System

We provide rental orbital welding System services to accommodate customer need of high-quality welding system for projects requiring a consistent and efficient approach to welding. We offer rental orbital welding services at competitive rates with Swagelok brands . We also supply those equipment with packages include, “Fast Start” refresher course on the current Best Practices of Orbital Welding.  Facing tools, cutting tools, and complete purge equipment also available, The Swagelok orbital welding system offers precision and control combined with easy-to-use touchscreen operation.

Rental Orbital Welding

The Swagelok orbital welding system provides repeatable orbital gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubing and pipe. Its real-time monitoring and recording capabilities streamline documentation for easy adherence to industry requirements.

  • Cost-effective and reliable gas tungsten arc welds
  • Lightweight, portable power supply
  • Selection of weld heads
  • Variety of tools and accessories
Rental Orbital Welding System

Combine precision and control with easy-to-use touchscreen operation, we provide rental orbital welding system of the Swagelok M200 welding system power supply, which allows for multiple weld procedure entry options and real-time monitoring and recording.

Our orbital welding equipment is carefully checked and serviced before being sent to a customer. Every hire component: the power supply, weld head, cables undergo a full service and check ensuring you have a high performing and reliable machine for the term of your contract. We enables to provide next  2 day delivery on orbital welding systems with commonly used weld head sizes

if you need to buy Swagelok welding system or other rental equipment such as vibration analyzer, infrared thermography and rotalign laser alignment, please feel free to contact us

Rental Flir Infrared Camera

Kami menyediakan jasa Rental Flir Infrared Camera untuk membantu kebutuhan customer dalam penyediaan alat atau jasa infrared camera thermography yang handal baik untuk digunakan di site (plant) maupun di gedung-gedung dalam analisa thermal.

Informasi harga Rental Flir Infrared Camera atau jasa infrared thermography, silahkan menghubungi kami di atau 0815-1316-6131

Rental Flir Infrared Camera

Thermal by FLIR is a cooperative product development and marketing program that supports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and product innovators who use FLIR thermal imaging sensors in their products. The program ensures that those OEMs that use genuine FLIR sensors can carry the Thermal by FLIR brand and receive additional product development and marketing support from FLIR to build and market their products.

Why Thermal?

Like Vibration Technology, Thermal camera cores from FLIR open up a world of innovation, allowing you to create market-changing products and giving your customers the power to see the invisible.

From mobile phones to condition monitoring sensors, self-driving cars to drones, FLIR’s thermal camera cores let you bring a new level of innovation to myriad industries.

Why Thermal by FLIR?

When you become a Thermal by FLIR partner you’re not just buying another part from another supplier. FLIR has a decades-long track record of supporting our integration partners, and we take a personal interest in the success of your projects.

We know that when we help to foster your innovation efforts with thermal technology we’re helping you to open – and even create – new markets. By working together we’re creating a symbiotic relationship that helps us both solve our customer’s challenges.

That relationship doesn’t end when your order arrives. In fact, that’s just the beginning. From technical engineering support during product development to help you get the most out of your FLIR camera cores, to marketing support that will amplify your messaging using the largest cooperative marketing program in the infrared industry. You’ll even have access to specialized sales support and training, Thermal by FLIR partners are engaged with FLIR every step of the way.

The Thermal by FLIR brand on your products reminds users that your devices contain genuine FLIR technology and expertise and that your customers are getting the performance, quality, and reliability the world has come to expect from FLIR

Rental Vibration Calibrator 9110D

Kami menyediakan jasa Rental Portable Vibration Calibrator 9110D untuk membantu kebutuhan customer dalam penyediaan alat Vibration Calibrator yang handal untuk melakukan verifikasi dan kalibrasi sensor vibrasi baik accelerometer, velocity meter dan proximity sensor.

Informasi harga Rental Portable Vibration Calibrator 9110D atau jasa kalibrasi lainnya silahkan menghubungi kami di atau 0815-1316-6131

An integral precision quartz reference accelerometer and closed-loop level control gives the 9110D enhanced stability and superior vibration calibration over an extended 5 Hz to 10 kHz frequency range. Packaged in a rugged Pelican® Storm case, the 9110D is always ready for travel to test sites and bringing laboratory accuracy to the field.

The unit is small and completely self-contained, providing a known vibration reference source from 5 Hz (300 CPM) up to 10 kHz (600k CPM), at amplitudes up to 20 g pk (196 m/s2), shaker stroke and sensor mass dependent. Packaged in a lightweight, durable Pelican® Case with two press and pull latches and padlockable caps, the 9110D is always ready for travel to test sites.

Rental Vibration Calibrator 9110D

  • Calculates and displays test sensor sensitivity automatically
  • External source shaker drive BNC input
  • Reference monitor BNC output
  • Provides semi-automated testing capability, 9110-CALROUTE
    • pre-program frequency and amplitude points 
    • easily run the same test on multiple sensors
    • receive immediate pass/fail feedback on PVC screen
  • Auto shut-off after 20 minutes
  • Battery life up to 18 hours
  • Best in class rugged portability
    • Sturdy internal shaker element design with carbon fiber composite armature flexures
    • Legendary protection and quality of Pelican® Cases
      • Watertight, crushproof
      • Two press and pull latches
  • Simple and elegant usability from the plant floor to metrology labs
    • Adjust frequency ranges and amplitude settings with just two dials
    • English or metric units on LCD screen
    • Lightweight at 18 lbs (8.2 kg) allowing for easy mobility
    • Battery life up to 18 hours
  • Precision control and stability
    • Integral ICP® quartz reference accelerometer
    • State of the art digital electronics 
  • Ideal for in-situ validation of your entire measurement channel
    • Ensure end-to-end functionality
    • Confirm alarm trip points are set properly
  • Guarantees accuracy and reliability of test with integrated reference accelerometer traceable to NIST.

Rental Rotalign Ultra

Kami menyediakan jasa Rental Rotalign Ultra untuk membantu kebutuhan customer dalam penyediaan alat laser alignment yang handal untuk meningkatkan kehandalan equipment serta mengurangi resiko kerusakan akibat adanya permasalahan misalignment.

Informasi harga Rental Rotalign Ultra atau Jasa laser alignment silahkan menghubungi kami di atau 0815-1316-6131

ROTALIGN® Ultra is a high-end modular alignment system with a new look and feel. Its stellar performance meets the demands of both professionals and enthusiasts when carrying out alignment jobs.

ROTALIGN® Ultra possesses a new 5.7-inch colour TFT sunlight readable full VGA screen and a faster processor. This powerful combination has led to the development of a new user interface with enhanced graphics. The system integrates a standard communications protocol for wireless connection, increasing flexibility. The shaft and geometric applications running on it are user-friendly and intuitive.

High-performance professional system

High resolution colour display

ROTALIGN® Ultra features a stunning full VGA TFT screen that shows machine and measurement graphics with clarity and high definition.
The displayed measurement data which is acquired through wireless transmission technology or via cable can be read easily in low light environments as well as under sunlight conditions. The large display and the very clear graphics provide a superb depiction of the alignment condition.

Rental Rotalign Ultra

Measurement with continuous sweep and pass mode

Continuous sweep mode – Data is automatically collected as the shaft is rotated from any position in the machine operational direction. Shaft rotation restrictions are overcome as only a turn of 60° is required for results. This mode is quick and captures hundreds of measurement points, hence more accurate than the 3-clock positions measurement method.
Pass mode – The ideal mode for uncoupled shafts in machines with high
rotational inertia. The laser emitter is rotated past the receiver in at least 3
different positions. The internal inclinometer notes the rotation angle each
time the beam passes the receiver.

for spare part and CTC product please go to here

Rental Emerson AMS 2140

To answer the need of industry to monitor and analyze machinery health conditions, we provide Rental Emerson AMS 2140 service as well CSI 2130.

Rental Emerson AMS 2140 Service

Rental Emerson AMS 2140 service provide The Emerson AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer is a portable vibration analyzer that lets you quickly and easily collect data from rotating equipment in process plants, do an on-site analysis of the machine, and export results to the AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager software for storage and further analysis. The AMS 2140 takes advantage of ergonomic principles and advanced engineering to address these needs. This thinner, lighter analyzer is comfortable to carry on long routes and operate with one hand. The shoulder strap has a large, slip-proof padded area to reduce friction on the neck and back.

Emerson’s AMS 2140 next-generation vibration analyzer builds on the field-proven, industry-leading technology of its predecessors. The AMS 2140 uses Emerson’s patented PeakVue™ processing and applies digital technology to determine the bearing and gear wear earlier than any other technology. By measuring stress waves emitted from impacting – the earliest sign of bearing and gear wear – the AMS 2140 gives you time to plan for maintenance on your machine – while avoiding significant, and costly, damage.  The AMS 2140 sets the industry bar with its exceptional frequency range. The AMS 2140 can accurately measure signals on critical low-speed equipment that would be out of range for other vibration analyzers/collectors. The AMS 2140 also boasts the highest frequency range in the market. It can measure signals up to 80,000 Hz, critical for accurate diagnosis of centrifugal compressors and other high-speed machinery.

Features of the EMERSON AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer Include:

  • Route vibration collection
  • Advanced vibration analysis
  • Cross-channel analysis
  • Transient analysis
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Motor monitoring
  • ODS modal analysis

for Rental Emerson AMS 2140 or vibration analysis service and condition monitoring, please send email to or call to 081513166131

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