PT GAMMA ENERGI PRATAMA have highly competence to perform some of engineering services, including

We enable our clients to actively prevent breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs and spare parts consumption while saving energy and the environment. We help in assessing the health of plant equipment by periodic monitoring, trending, and advanced analysis using Thermography, Ultrasound Inspection, Motor Current Signature Analysis, and Vibration Analysis Service.

We combine the use of different monitoring and inspection techniques like Thermography, Ultrasound Inspection, Vibration, and basic Lube Analysis on the same job. This enables us to collect more data, and obtain a clearer understanding of assets issues, which results in more accurate recommendations

We also do calibration service for vibration analyzer & sensor, flow meter, power quality analyzer and other tools that completed by calibration certificate from Dinas Metrologi

For correct action, we perform laser alignment and field balancing to reduce vibration amplitude of machinery and extend of life those equipment.

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