Infrared Thermography Camera

Kami menjual infrared thermography camera merk Flir dan jasa Rental Flir Infrared Camera untuk membantu kebutuhan customer baik untuk kebutuhan analisa thermal di lapangan (site) maupun analisa gedung.

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An infrared thermal imaging camera is a valuable diagnostic tool where manufacturing efficiencies, energy management, quality, and safety are paramount.  PT Gamma Energi Pratama offers high-tech FLIR thermal imaging cameras with a range of productivity tools to identify problems in electrical and mechanical equipment including energy loss, moisture intrusion, structural issues, and overheating and which enable operators to create and share detailed reports quickly and easily.  These advanced yet affordable FLIR thermal imaging cameras are useful for predictive maintenance and ensuring plant reliability, quality, and safety.

Infrared Thermography Camera
Infrared Thermography Camera
Infrared Thermography Camera

When you become a Thermal by FLIR partner you’re not just buying another part from another supplier. FLIR has a decades-long track record of supporting our integration partners, and we take a personal interest in the success of your projects.

One of Flir Camera product is Flir E8-XT. FLIR E8-XT is the perfect tool for diagnosing electrical, mechanical, and building problems, thanks to its 76,800 (320 x 240) pixel infrared detector and expanded, -20°C to 550°C (-4°F to 1022°F) temperature range. FLIR MSX® image enhancement provides extraordinary thermal imaging detail, while the built-in Wi-Fi allows users to quickly connect with the FLIR Tools® Mobile app for sharing images and sending reports easily from any location.

To support technician in the field without worrying about battery problem, Flir has Flir T198531 Stand-alone Battery Charger Fits with E4, E5, E6 & E8 Infrared Cameras; 90–264 VAC, 50/60 Hz, output 5.0 VDC, 2.1 A AC operation; 10.5 W (T19-8531 T198-531 T-198531)

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Control Valve

Single Port Globe Valve (Top Guided) The S series valves are designed to provide a cost effective, reliable and easily maintained control valve capable of working in rigorous environments. The quick change trim provides for easily accessible seat and trim component to minimize fitting and parts replacement times. Stem guided contoured trim in both balanced and non-balanced configuration gives excellent rigidity and resistance to vibration and service wear. And the S series valves are designed by using recent advancements in the control valve technology. It is used to control a wide variety of relatively clean liquid and gas at high pressure differentials. Configured with either flow-to-open or flow-to-close trims, the valve is well suited for steam, gas or liquid, where flow-to-close is typically used for liquid service and flow-to-open for steam and gas. PT GAMMA ENERGI PRATAMA supply control valve to provide a cost effective, reliable and easy to maintain for you.

Control Valve


Body Size                     : 1” to 16”
Body Type                    : Globe, Angle, Teflon Body
Ratings                        : ASME(ANSI) Class 150 ~ 2500 (DIN and JIS available)
End Connections         : FF(FLAT FACE), RF(RAISED FACE) FLANGE, WELD ENDS(BW and SW)
Materials                    : A216 WCB, A217, WC6, A351, CF8M, etc
Seat Leakage               : ANSI CLASS IV, V, VI
Trim                            : QUICK CHANGE TRIM

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Pressure, Level, Temperature Gauge and Transmitter

We serve the oil & gas, power generation, petrochemical, and general industry companies with precision instruments that measure level, pressure, temperature gauge, and transmitter. Our products are the standard for quality, reliability and durability.

Pressure, Level, Temperature Gauge and Transmitter

Our company value in supplying equipment to client is the willingness to listen to our customers’ specific needs and develop customized solutions to meet those needs.  

The types of instrumentation tools we offer are :

  • Pressure Gauge and  Transmitters
  • Pressure gauge
  • Level Gauge and Transmitter
  • Temperature Gauge and Transmitter

Like level, pressure and temperature gauge and transmitter, we also supply other product such valve, vibration sensor, flow meter, and its calibration as well as vibration analyzer and power quality analyzer.

CTC Vibration Sensor & Accessories

With the proper sensors to supply the critical operating information, the machine operates in a safer condition for both the machine as well as the personnel operating the machine. Various machine operating conditions concerning temperature extremes, magnetic fields, vibration range, frequency range, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) conditions and the required signal quality necessitate the need for a variety of vibration sensor and protection system.

We are an authorized distributor of CTC product such as vibration sensor and protection system, cables and more.  We offer every length, fitting and cable type imaginable.  CTC Sensors are also compatible with just about every data collection device on the market such as Emerson, Bentley Nevada, Comtest, SKF, Etc

We provide CTC product are :

As well as supply, we also provide service such calibration of vibration analyzer and sensor and vibration analysis services / condition monitoring.

CTC is committed to offering the most reliable vibration sensor and protection system such as accelerometers, vibration monitoring and machinery protection equipment in the industry. For detail CTC product, you can find in

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