Kalibrasi dan Repair Flir Camera

Dalam meningkatkan keakuratan peralatan predictive maintenance, kami menyediakan jasa Kalibrasi dan Repair Flir Camera berbagai tipe baik tipe T, E atau tipe yang lain. Dengan support dari manufacture, jasa Kalibrasi dan Repair Flir Camera memberikan tingkat kehandalan yang tinggi serta delivery time yang cepat

FLIR cameras are designed and factory calibrated for accurate temperature measurements and thermal imaging. When maintained with FLIR’s annual calibration services, they will be highly reliable in spotting thermal anomalies and other temperature phenomena. Without proper maintenance and calibration, accurate measurements cannot be assured.

Kalibrasi dan Repair Flir Camera

14-Point Inspection & Calibration Program

FLIR´s exclusive 14-Point Inspection & Calibration program uses temperature references that are calibrated annually and traceable to the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The program includes the following steps:

FLIR 14-Point Inspection & Calibration Program:

  1. Perform a complete operational check
  2. MSX® calibration and laser alignment, when applicable
  3. Verify all internal cable and PCB connections
  4. Clean viewfinder and check optics
  5. Upgrade internal camera software to latest revisions
  6. Perform minor repairs
  7. Verify and/or re-equalize as needed each temperature range for image uniformity
  8. Verify standard lens calibration (others or special engineered lenses, optional)
  9. Verify ambient temperature compensation as needed
  10. Re-calibration to ensure it meets factory specification
  11. Calibrate temperature ranges up to +1,500°C, when applicable
  12. Perform quality approved acceptance test procedure
  13. Provide calibration label with next due date

This calibration output is Calibration Certificate from manufacture (Flir). if you need more information about other calibration services such as calibration Emerson CSI 2130 / 2140 or Flow meter, please contact us at sales@gammaenergi.com or 0815-131-66-131

Kalibrasi CSI 2130 & 2140

Kami memberikan layanan kalibrasi Vibration Analyzer CSI 2130 dan 2140 untuk memastikan peralatan yang digunakan masih dalam kondisi baik dan layak digunakan untuk analisa vibrasi di lapangan dengan lab terakreditasi KAN

Informasi Jasa Kalibrasi CSI 2130 dan 2140 serta jasa rental Rental CSI 2130 dan 2140,  silahkan hubungi sales@gammaenergi.com atau 0815-1316-6131

AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer | Emerson US

Vibration testing is critical for the discernment of any machine with a rotating shaft in its operation.  From small motors to the giant generators used by electric companies, even the shaft of propeller-driven aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing – vibration testing is crucial to monitor the health of the rotating parts.  After an initial test to form a baseline set of measurements, a record of vibration measured with a calibrated vibration meter is a necessity to plan for maintenance and prevent catastrophic failure.  Calibration of the vibration meter allows flexibility in the choice of vibration meter used to track the vibration history of a machine, and thus properly plan for maintenance, and to prevent unexpected catastrophic failure.

BALANCE CSI 2130 - YouTube

The CSI 2130 stands alone as the industry-leading vibration data collector. In addition, the CSI 2130 can provide:
– Advanced vibration analysis
– Cross-channel analysis
– Transient analysis
– Dynamic balancing
– Laser shaft alignment
– Motor monitoring
Routine data and corrective maintenance jobs can be uploaded to AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager for analysis and reporting. AMS
Machinery Manager integrates data from multiple technologies, including vibration and oil analysis, thermography, and alignment, and balancing into a single database. Alerts generated by AMS Machinery Manager can
be exported automatically to AMS Suite: Asset Portal, where they
are combined with alerts from other plant assets to provide a
a unified view of your plant’s health.

To complete vibration analyzer with high-quality sensor and accessories, including accelerometer, velocity meter, proximity, cabling, and junction box, please find CTC product by visiting here

About Us

PT GAMMA ENERGI PRATAMA is a leading engineering service, supplying product and training provider. We focus on providing technical support and field services including vibration analysis and laser alignment

Our products are; Valve, Level – pressure – temperature gauge/transmitter, vibration sensor & accessories and flow meter & water meter.

Many brands of product that we market are CTC, Krohne, Mdalshop, etc.

We also do engineering services such as flow meter calibration, repair and installation, calibration of vibration and power quality analyzer, vibration analysis & condition monitoring, laser alignment service and infrared thermography service. Our engineers are highly qualified, certified, and supported technically by experts from renowned technology leaders.

PT GAMMA ENERGI PRATAMA is also recognized as national training provider in engineering topics. We provide training and workshop in vibration analysis and condition monitoring, electric, instrument & control, mechanical & piping and HVAC. Our trainers have extensive industry experience and practitioners in each field of competencies.

Our customers span different industries including but not limited to:

  • Onshore and offshore Oil & Gas plants and related industries
  • Power Generation & Water stations
  • Aluminum, steel, pulp & paper, and cement
  • Commercial buildings like hotels, malls, hospitals, airports, and warehouses.
  • Food processing and FMCG Storage and Manufacturing Facilities

About Us

PT. GAMMA ENERGI PRATAMA are engineering company with three business units; supplying high quality product, engineering services, and providing engineering training & international certification.

Our competitive advantage includes expert in providing solution and technical support for industrial process instrumentation (level, flow, pressure, temperature), portable industrial instrument measurement & sensors, and engineering sevices (vibration analysis, condition monitoring, calibration, etc).

Our market focused on approach is extensive knowledge combined with strong supplier & customer relationship. The company has built foundation and  delivered value in every project performed either product supply, services and engineering courses/certification.


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